HIDDEN GEM: Tongue in Cheek - East Side Feast

Tongue In Cheek is located on the East Side of St. Paul. It is an intimate restaurant with a bar in the front of the house. Prices are very affordable and they do not skimp on food. The waitress was extremely upbeat and awesome, and she tolerated our unruly group very well-- like a champion! 

The Cock(tail)/Teasers were surprisingly tasty and only cost $2.00 each. What a good deal. However, there was one teaser named the Crossed Eyed Mary that tasted like Top Ramen broth. I liked it since I love ramen but my companions did not like it at all. You can’t win them all. The favorite teaser was the Mother of Dragon-Jalapeño infused Jim Beam with peach and OJ.  It was a delicious combination.

The Soup of the Day was divine. It was smoked corn bisque with roasted pork belly on top. The broth was rich and creamy. Anything with pork belly on it will automatically win in my book.

I love mussels! The steamed mussels with chermoula were a classic. I didn’t know what chermoula was so I looked it up online. Chermoula is an Algerian marinade with a mixture of herbs, lemon juice, oil, and garlic. Sometimes a classic dish comforts the belly.

I ordered Roasted Pork teaser that only cost $2.00. Again, what a good deal. The pork belly was covered in stonefruit, sesame, jalapeño, and peanut sauce. Even though it was small, it packed a punch. Still delicious.

The wild salmon on top of goat cheese risotto with zucchini and tomato consommé was light and refreshing. It was not heavy like the meaty dishes. The wild salmon was the size of my fist. It was very filling.

The scallops were delicious. They were cooked perfectly. Outside of the scallops were caramelized well with a very tender inner flesh. The sauce was sweet and the pork belly that came on top of it was amazing!