A Peace of Cake: Re-inventing Mini Doughnuts

Each year, there are a few new businesses and changes with the famed food truck scene. Constantly growing in popularity, the food truck culture continues to convince us to take advantage of these rolling vendors for lunch, dinner, and even use in events. With 2015, the food tuck culture seemed to drift from Minneapolis over to St. Paul, taking advantage of the foodies in the Capitol and Regions Hospital areas. Lining up at Mear’s Park day after day, the downtown workers seem to have taken a full change of heart and interest, revitalizing many of the new and old food trucks that have found a new market in the St. Paul crowds. 

One of the newest of these trucks, having premiered on the streets this late May, is A Peace of Cake, a delicious little dessert truck specializing in everyone's favorite-- Mini Doughnuts. But these aren’t just any mini doughnuts. Besides being completely coated in powdered sugar, cinnamon (or for a unique twist, Cardamom) these tasty pastries can be piled high in a "boat or barge" and covered in different sauces and toppings. In a sense, it's just like poutine-- except with a sugar rush instead of the fatty-cheese-induced heavy stomach. 

Classic Mini Donuts dusted in Cardamom

Classic Mini Donuts dusted in Cardamom

The sauces, from basic chocolate, caramel, and vanilla, also range to the creative maple syrup, strawberry jam+coconut cream, and sriacha chili-based sauces. Then of course, there are the toppings: all kinds of candies, Oreo cookies, and toasted nuts. But it’s all seasonal and changing, dependent on the sweet tooth whims. With so many options to choose from, you may be overwhelmed. But fear not, for they also provide the option try two different combinations of sauce and toppings on either half of your doughnut order, for no extra charge. It can get a bit sticky, but snatch one of their bio-degradable forks to go, and problem solved. 

But underneath all those creative toppings is a spark of min doughnut inspiration. Behind these piles of sugary heaven, there is Dana, who came up with the idea after finally setting out to work for herself. So why sugary delicious mini doughnuts? 

“The thought of throwing away food at the end of the day was kind of a wasteful thing, and I can stop making mini doughnuts at the end of the day and I’m not wasting food. I kind of hope that my message through my logo is trending, because it’s Anarchy, Peace, and Mini Doughnuts." Dana said.  "In society, how can we be all upset if we find a little bit of peace and a little bit of happiness with some sugar on top?” Amen Dana.

Already they’ve been received with open arms, and I myself hope this continues well into the future. As a food truck nut, I've been waiting diligently for a uniquely-twisted-yet-familiar dessert truck like this one to come out. Considering they’ve already bought and have started renovating a previously-owned pastry truck to add to their line-up, chances are looking good. Move over cupcakes and boring, simple frozen custards, the tater-tot hotdishes and chili-bowls of the doughnut world are here!