Milkjam Creamery

With subzero temperatures and snow covered sidewalks, Minnesotans are bundling up and heading out into the deep freeze for… ice cream? That’s right, people are lining up to try the new ice cream shop, Milkjam Creamery in Uptown. 

In the midst of its soft opening this week (grand opening coming soon), Milkjam is the latest from local chef Sameh Wadi of Saffron and World Street Kitchen. Inside the shop, located adjacent to WSK, a fedora-clad Wadi was scooping up treats and answering questions on the current favorites. 

Of the 16 flavors currently listed, 13 are gluten free, and six are vegan. Most striking is their “Black" ice cream, which is vegan, gluten free, and very, very black. Here’s the “scoop” (we couldn’t resist!) on a few of the flavors:

“Milkjam” is a sweet combo of “three milks with Milkjam,” that hints at a brown sugar flavor. “Fresh Thyme” is certainly bizarre but unique with an earthy, herb taste. Though the thyme flavor is strong, the “hint of lemon” balances it out. “Mulled Cider” is light sorbet that melts on your tongue almost instantaneously. Word in the shop said “Poppin’ Bottles” was a great champagne sorbet with a strong alcohol flavor (50% champagne!). And “EVV,” or “extra virgin vanilla” was a dense, creamy take on a classic vanilla, with an elevated sweetness. 

There are plenty of options in terms of sizes— half scoop is golf ball sized, and a single is a fairly large tennis ball sized single scoop. Milkjam also has a sundae option, complete with rotating specials— most recently was the Milkjam ice cream with a raspberry lemongrass bar and curry peanuts. Perhaps most intriguing was the Jam Bun, a special ice cream sandwich made with a Glam Doll donut. 

And if you just can’t choose, there is still one menu item for you under “scoops” for $56.99— “All of them.”