Bittercube Bitters, Marvel Bar Create ‘Marvel BarBitters’

Credit: Bittercube Bitters

Credit: Bittercube Bitters

By: Katie Fraser

There’s something new brewing in Minneapolis.

Two Twin Cities powerhouses have paired up to create a new concoction, and after two years of tinkering and toiling they are finally unveiling it.

Bittercube Bitters and Marvel Bar have come together to create Marvel BarBitters.

Known for their avant-garde cocktails, Marvel Bar had been blending different variations of libations and bitters to achieve the perfect rum Old Fashioned.

After several attempts, they approached Bittercube and the partnership began.

For two years, they worked to create a blend specific to Marvel Bar’s needs.

Now, it is exists.

Marvel BarBitters is a mix of Korinji and Saigon cinnamon aromas paired with saffron, ginger and cardamom notes, and dill and chocolate flavors. Dry to start, it finishes textured and light.

The two teams suggest the bitters pairs well in Old Fashioneds, rum cocktails and whiskey cocktails.

A 5 oz. bottle cost $22 before tax.

To learn more about where, and how, you can try Marvel BarBitters, visit Bittercube online.