Brunch Menu Proves Lagos Is More Than Just Tacos

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Few things are more divisive than brunch. First, there’s the choice between venturing to a new restaurant or staying with the tried-and-true. Then, there’s the decision of just how much breakfast type foods to incorporate into your meal. Finally, the ultimate question: mimosas or Bloody Mary’s? But, true foodies know, when it comes to brunch, you never truly have to pick. 

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Lago Tacos is known for, what else, its tacos. The Mexican restaurant in Uptown, Minneapolis and Excelsior serves dozens of taco varieties, and nearly the same amount of tequila varieties. However, lesser known, is their weekend brunch menu. Served on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the menu features 12 breakfast dishes, cooked with the same Mexican flavors.

To help introduce this tried-and-true spot into the brunch world, Eat.Drink.Dish MPLS held it’s first-ever Exclusive Foodie Brunch at Lago Tacos in Uptown Sunday morning.

For those unfamiliar, Eat.Drink.DishMPLS introduces Minneapolitans and St. Paulites to the world of Twin Cities food through Instagram, Facebook and Exclusive Foodie Dinners. Em Beck describes her and her husband as “huge foodies.” They found Eat.Drink.Dish MPLS on Instagram and learned about the dinners as a result. “[We thought] they have great taste so we can handle them,” Beck laughed. “It’s nice because the newer restaurants are [always promoted.]” The dinners give restaurants a chance to show off their menu items – new or old – to food-lovers throughout the Twin Cities.

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Sunday’s foray into brunch featured six courses – five menu items and a specialty item made by the chef. Manager Kenny Robinson treated diners to the Breakfast Empanadas, Lago's Benedict, Tostada Stack, Pork Belly Omelet, French Toast and the chef’s choice. There were also Bloody Mary’s, mimosas and margaritas.

The menu featured a mix of traditional breakfast dishes and original flavors. For those eager for eggs, the empanadas were a deep-fried take on a breakfast burrito (of which there was another on the menu.) For those looking to branch out, the Tostada Stacks gave a morning twist to the typical tostada by adding eggs to their many layers.

Lago Tacos Benedict_EatDrinkDishMPLS_KatieFraser

But the star of the afternoon was truly the Lago's Benedict. A soft, sweet corn cake, cool guacamole, spicy chorizo and jalapeno, tangy hollandaise and yolk created the perfect blend of flavors and textures in one bite.

It was the true star.

The runner up was Chef Eric’s tamales. Chicken tamales covered in a salsa verde, the special dish for the exclusive meal packed a lot of flavor into each bite.

Also, for those with a sweet tooth, the French toast was perfectly balanced. The sweet hazelnut butter sauce was made milder when paired with the nutty candied pecans and light bananas.

Lago Tacos French Toast_EatDrinkDishMPLS_KatieFraser

With its blend of Mexican and traditional breakfast flavors, and it’s solid reputation, Lago is a brunch spot that is sure to end the divide and bring people together.

Lago Tacos is located in Uptown, Minneapolis at  2901 Lyndale Avenue or Excelsior at 30 Water Street. Both serve a weekend brunch.

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