Foodie Giveaway: Dunn Brothers Coffee

Every so often, Eat.Drink.Dish Mpls gives its foodie followers a chance to win some swag from a local restaurant.

For National Coffee Day, we partnered with Dunn Brothers Coffee.

We asked what your favorite drink or food item at Dunn Brothers is.

Here’s what you had to say!

Out of the 118 people that responded, the iced nirvana was by far the most popular, followed by cold press and  drip coffee. 

Nearly 40 percent of people said they loved the nirvana beverage. The top choice was iced vanilla, with chocolate steamed coming in as the second preferred flavor. Other flavors mentioned included white chocolate pistachio and coconut iced.

Next, nearly 22 percent said they preferred plain coffee, with 21 people saying they liked it in iced form and 6 preferring drip coffee.

After that, lattes and Americanos were mentioned the most, with 9 percent mentioning lattes, including a tiramisu flavor, and 4 percent mentioning iced and hot Americanos. 

Other drinks mentioned included coconut milk coffee, dirty chain, almond steamers, London fogs and kombucha. 

Finally, when it came to food 14 percent of you said you like to get a treat with your drink. The most mentions? Breakfast sandwiches. 

Thanks to Dunn Brothers for partnering with Eat.Drink.Dish Mpls, and thanks for sharing your favorites!