The Moxy Experience

You’ve just gotten off your flight and snagged a lyft from the airport. You’re likely impressed at how beautiful, sunny, and likely, humid, the Minneapolis summer is. You hop out of the car, slip your friendly driver a five star rating and stroll into your hotel. Sauntering toward the bar, you check in, get your key, and head upstairs. A contemporary chic room is there to greet you as you kick off your shoes and float down onto the plush bed. Soft leather chairs, floor to ceiling windows, an electric guitar hanging glamorously in the corner.

Welcome to Moxy Minneapolis.

Photo by Asha Belk

Photo by Asha Belk

Photo by Asha Belk

Photo by Asha Belk

The Moxy Hotel in Uptown is Minneapolis’ newest hotel addition. Having opened in early 2018, some of its first guests were Superbowl celebs. The hotel offers primarily one-bed rooms costing under $200 a night. Check in is at the bar (open hotel-side and sidewalk-side) and while there’s no hotel restaurant to grab a dinner (save for some snacky flatbreads), you’ll soon find you don’t need one. All of Uptown rests at your fingertips.

Dozens of restaurants and food trucks nearby means it’s nearly impossible to go hungry. Vegan? Head to Fig and Farro. Spending Taco Tuesday in Uptown? Venture down to Lago Tacos. Something coastal? Stella’s is right around the corner. In the summer, leave the hotel for a walk through the heart of Uptown and end up at the brand new Lola’s on the Lake at Bde Maka Ska.

UpDown is perfect for all your gaming needs, and the Lagoon and Uptown movie theaters aren’t far either. All the fun in Uptown continues well past sundown too, as you can bar hop all night long. With Libertine, Stella’s, Uptown Tavern, and even the newly added Pourhouse, you won’t even need to step foot downtown. Plus, Moxy is located right on the 21 bus line, so it’s an easy trip right down to downtown Saint Paul and Union Station.

Late June, we at Eat.Drink.Dish hosted a ticketed Summer Social event in Moxy's Green Room. The Moxy Experience included complimentary house-made cocktails and food from some local businesses-- Fig & Farro, Lago Tacos, Kafe 421, SomruS Liqueur, HipPop Popcorn, and Carousel Macarons-- along with a hotel tour, as well as a PhotoBooth and live DJing from DJ Sticky and Nora Events. Skyline Specs and Carol’s Candles also joined the party. If only we had the whole weekend to stay.

For the moments you may want to stay close to home (so to speak) in the hotel, feel free to take a seat at the bar with one of their craft cocktails, or relax in the Vinyl Listening Lounge. A gym is tucked away in the basement for all you fitness junkies-- and there’s even some tantalizing neon “fitspo” hanging above the treadmills. For when you're all done with your workout, snag a spot in the hammock lounge. 

Whether you’re visiting Minneapolis for the first time, or the 100th-- even if you live here-- Moxy is a top choice-- walkable, cozy, trendy, and affordable. It’s your comfy place to sleep and the essential jumping off point for city exploration.

Missed this last event? You're in luck-- we'll be back at the Moxy this fall with Mighty Spark Food Company. Keep an eye out for details coming soon! 

For more information or to book a room at The Moxy Hotel Uptown, visit the website or follow Moxy on Social: Instagram @moxymplsuptown and #AtTheMoxy.

All Photos by Asha Belk