JonnyPops Releases 5 New Flavors

It starts off simple and delicious: real fruit and heavy cream. Throw in a little bit of sweetness with cane sugar. Get the right texture with purified water. And then round it out with just a pinch of salt.


What results is the simply delicious summertime treat: a JonnyPop. This company-- with its Midwestern roots-- has been crafting creamy smoothie pops since 2011. They started off simply with three classic flavors: Strawberries & Cream, Raspberries Blueberries & Cream, and lastly a tropical Pineapple Coconut & Cream.

But then, the company grew, and so did the public’s interest. That’s when they added three more: Mango & Cream, Banana Cinnamon & Cream, Strawberry and Banana & Cream.

This year, another flavorful five were added to the lineup, for some slightly sweeter and less fruit-forward options. Cherry Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Root Beer Float, Cold Press Coffee Chocolate, along with a Vanilla Mint Chocolate are hitting shelves now.

A Frozen Fruit Bar by Any Other Name Wouldn’t Taste as Sweet.

In 2011, the company was founded by Erik Burst and Connor Wray, a few years after Erik conceptualized the tasty “better for you frozen fruit bar” with his cousin, Jonathan. Though Jonathan passed away before the company came to be, his legacy lived on in the name-- JonnyPops -- and in its charity work. The company annually donates a portion of profits to various nonprofits working on addiction recovery programs.

But that’s not all the good they do. Each pop has a notion of kindness written on the stick, “Be a Force for Positivity!”, and now, each purchase of a pop is helping schools around the country implement kindness and anti-bullying programs.


So where can you buy them? Locations are popping up all over the place, check out the Locator to find one near you.

Keep an eye our social media for more JonnyPops moments. We’ll still have two more giveaways coming up!