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Eat.Drink.Dish is an award-winning influencer marketing platform founded and operated by local Minnesota influencer and digital strategist, Golnaz Yamoutpour. The platform is designed to strategically support food businesses and brands thrive in the fast-paced, millennial-driven market. With a large influencer platform amongst multiple channels of over 60,000 engaged local followers, and 5 years of consistent driven content,  we are the partner that can reach out to your new followers, and eventually your new customers. 

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Restaurant Ambassador Program

Relish is a restaurant ambassador program connecting restaurants and influencers. Relish provides local social media food ambassadors the opportunity to dine at restaurants at their convenience, as real guests, to generate original content while promoting participating restaurants on an on-going basis. Apply today and let us do the rest!

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Grand Opening & Launch Parties

We love supporting local restaurants and so does our audience! With over 10 years of experience in event logistics and marketing, we are your team when it comes to debuting your next restaurant opening or menu launch. Partnership also includes menu review, social media review, influencer outreach, and marketing on our platform.

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Exclusive Foodie Dinners

Our private ticketed dinners offer a unique way for Chefs to share their culinary passion to new, and engaged customers. We act as a partner to deliver event logistics, design, marketing, and sales to execute a successful event. We value customer feedback, and at each event the restaurant will receive instant feedback from the guests.            

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Dine & Dish

‘Dine & Dish’ is just a fun way of saying that we are always happy to come in and try your new restaurant or new menu with no strings attached. This means in exchange for a comped meal, we will try our best to capture a high resolution photo but we cannot guarantee it will make it to our Instagram feed every time. Email us today to schedule your next Dine & Dish!

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Sponsored Blogs

Have something new to announce? Sponsor a blog on our website, which includes a “swipe up” link on our Instagram Stories platform, a mention on our Facebook, Twitter, and newsletter. Blogs include 2-3 high resolution photos, and back links.    

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Sponsored Instagram Posts

Our largest platform, Instagram, is a growing audience of 60,000+ and speaks to a strong local audience interested in discovering new places to eat and drink. Contact us today for a quote.

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