Festa Invites You on Inaugural Gastro Tour of Italy

Check out these possibilities to Eat.Drink.Dish at Festa Italiana this summer!

St. PAUL, MN - On the heels of the successful first stop on our inaugural Gastro Tour of Italy at Sal’s Place, Festa Italiana Minnesota announces additional tour stops each weekend leading up to the return of Festa to Harriet Island. 

The inaugural Gastro Tour is led by restaurant owners, a wine expert from Rome, and all-around Italian enthusiasts, the ‘gastro tour’ provides a unique experience to taste and learn about cuisine, pairings, and history.

“Whether you’re Italian or not, this gastro tour is for food lovers everywhere.” Executive Director Eddie Bova said. “And as foodies travel from restaurant to restaurant, they’ll not only get a preview of the food and wine at Festa, but a receive a tour of all the regions of Italy.”

There are well-known places to rediscover, and new restaurants introducing their food to the community, but all are locally owned and operated with their heart firmly still planted in Italy. 

“From suit-and-tie restaurants to locally famous food trucks, Italian cuisine is as unique as the owner and the region they represent.” President John Andreozzi said. “With restaurants on both sides of the Mississippi, there’s a gastro tour stop near you.”

Festa Italiana Minnesota returns to Harriet Island in Saint Paul on July 17-18.

For more information, see the event's Facebook page.