Farm-to-table: Parkway Pizza to use Growing Lots produce for farm pizza

CSA program offers local ingredients to consumers

MINNEAPOLIS, June 2016 —

Every summer, Minneapolis-based Parkway Pizza offers “Farmer’s Market Pizza” using fresh ingredients from the local Farmer’s Market. However, this year Parkway Pizza has partnered up with Growing Lots Urban Farm, a farm in the Longfellow neighborhood. The locally owned pizza shop has purchased a CSA share and will be using ingredients grown less than a half mile away for their seasonal Farm Pizza. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program has been a key component of Growing Lots, and this will be their seventh season in business. CSA shares are a way for consumers to buy seasonal produce from a local farmer in their community. In return, these shares provide economic stability for the farmers producing the goods. Growing Lots offers full-shares and half-shares to members. 

Full-shares run from May 25-Oct. 19, providing members with a total of 22 weeks of fresh, local, organic produce. This option is designed to provide one week’s produce for a two to three person household. Half-shares also run from May 25-Oct. 19, but they are picked up every other week, resulting in a total of 11 pickups over the season. 

Every pickup, members will receive a variety of vegetables and herbs. This could include produce such as basil, green beans, parsley, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Members can also customize their CSA selection when they come to pickup their share. They can leave produce they won’t use and replace it with more vegetables they like. 

The love behind Growing Lots comes from farmers Iman Mefleh and Joe Silbershmidt. Both have been a part of their local community since they were young. Parkway Pizza has become good friends with Mefleh and Silberschmidt, and they have purchased a full-share from Growing Lots this season. “We’re thrilled to be partnering in this unique way with our neighbor, Parkway Pizza, to showcase seasonal produce we grow just down the block and promote awareness of the CSA model,” said Iman Mefleh, owner and farmer of Growing Lots. 

Each week, Parkway Pizza will receive three varying ingredients from their Growing Lots CSA share. These ingredients will be used to top the seasonal Farm Pizza, which will be available in the shop all summer. Supporting the local community has been a core value of Parkway Pizza since the beginning, so this partnership was a natural fit.

About Growing Lots Urban Farm, LLC
Growing Lots Urban Farm, LLC was founded in 2010 by Stephen Meyer. Over the years, Growing Lots has acquired new sites, lost old sites, and acquired new ownership. Joe Silberschmidt and Iman Mefleh are the current owners of the farm and will continue to carry it forward in the coming years. Growing Lots has three sites along Minnehaha Ave. For more information, visit the Growing Lots website at

About Parkway Pizza
Parkway Pizza is a locally owned pizza shop started by Sam Nestingen. Originally opened in the Longfellow neighborhood, Parkway Pizza expanded into Northeast Minneapolis in 2013. Parkway Pizza was named ‘Best in the Twin Cities’ by the CW23 in March of 2016. For more information, visit the Parkway Pizza website at