Summit Releases Unchained Series 22: Zingiber Cream Ale

A Cream Ale with Ginger from Brewer Christian Dixon


ST. PAUL, Minn. (June 8, 2016) – Summit Brewing Company today announces the release of Zingiber Cream Ale. The 22nd beer in the limited release Unchained Series will be available on draught and in 12-ounce can six-packs the second week of June.

For his latest Unchained brew, Summit brewer Christian Dixon delivers a tribute to one of the true American beer styles, utilizing the best of both modern and classic techniques and ingredients. Zingiber Cream Ale is a 50/50 hybrid of ale and lager, brewed identically and fermented separately utilizing unique yeast strains, then blended after fermentation.

The combination lets the true characteristics of both styles shine through. Clean and crisp meets malty-sweet, full-bodied and robust. The addition of organic Hawaiian ginger adds a bright, spicy dimension to this refreshing brew.

“Zingiber Cream Ale was a recipe idea born from my desire to recreate one of the lesser-seen All-American beer styles, executed as artfully and creatively as possible,” said Dixon. “The finest malts were selected to complement the ale and lager styles. The hops were selected both for their flavor attributes and their German-American heritage. The result is a supremely drinkable, beautifully crafted beer with the definite presence of ginger spice.”

The next Unchained Series installment will be announced this fall.

Join Summit for events to kick off Unchained 22’s release:

Brewer Christian Dixon

Brewer Christian Dixon

Summit Beer Hall

4 p.m.-10 p.m., Friday, June 10

Meet brewer Christian Dixon and taste Zingiber Cream Ale hooked up to a hop rocket full of fresh ginger

Live music by Dan Israel, 6:30 p.m.-9 p.m.


Keegan’s Irish Pub 4 p.m., Friday, June 17 - Meet brewer Christian Dixon


Zingiber Cream Ale Information

Malts: 2-Row, German Pils, C-15, German Cologne, Torrefied Wheat

Hops: Sterling, Mt. Hood

Kettle Additions: Fresh Organic Hawaiian Ginger

ABV: 5.3%

IBU: 35

Color: Harvest Gold

Yeast: Munich Lager II, American Ale II

Pairing Suggestions: Korean barbecue, sushi, and chocolate fondue

Available on draught and in 12-ounce can six-packs

For more information about the Unchained Series and kickoff events, please visit our website.

About the Unchained Series

The Unchained Series, which saw its first batch in 2009, allows each of Summit’s individual brewers to showcase their creativity by allowing them to break free from the norm and create their own beer. “We’re fortunate to have eight phenomenal brewers at Summit,” said Mark Stutrud, founder and president of Summit Brewing Company. “The Unchained Series is a way for our brewers to showcase their artistry. There are no budgetary restraints, no outside influences from a sales team, and the brewers are free to collect ingredients from anywhere in the world. As long as it’s legal, they have complete autonomy.”

Summit Brewing Company

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