Town Hall Creates Breakfast To Dessert Pairing Menu

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This weekend, celebrate all things barrel aged with a special pairing menu at a Minneapolis staple.

On Saturday, Nov. 17 Town Hall Brewery is hosting “G’Morning, G’Afternoon and G’Night,” a food pairing event featuring dishes from breakfast to dessert. 

From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., guests will be treated with five courses, including an appetizer and a dessert. Each course will also be paired with one of Town Hall’s bourbon-based cocktails, barrel aged beers or ciders. Pairings will be made specifically to showcase their Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup.

The menu for the event is as follows:

  • Aperitif: Spiced butter cookie

    • Drink Pairing:Maple cream cocktail

  • First Course:  Bourbon-battered butter pecan brioche French toast 

    • Drink Pairing: Butter washed Old Grand Dad with maple cube 

  • Second Course: Alderwood smoked Atlantic salmon salad with jicama, radishes and barrel-aged maple and Vine’s Eye dressing

    • Drink Pairing: Shacksbury Dry Cider 

  • Third Course: Maple glazed turkey breast with wild rice stuffing, roasted potatoes and barrel-aged maple cranberries 

    • Drink Pairing: Pumpkin Ale 

  • Fourth Course: Crustless pecan pie with bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup

    • Drink Pairing: Tennessee Dessert barrel-aged beer

Tickets for the dinner cast $50. They can be purchased at Town Hall Brewery or by emailing

Town Hall Brewery is located at 1430 S. Washington Avenue in Minneapolis. For more information, visit Town Hall Brewery online.