Mañana Restaurant Celebrates Expansion with Grand Opening

An East St. Paul staple is changing and they are celebrating in a big way. 

Mañana Restaurant y Pupuseria expanded their restaurant earlier this fall, and to celebrate they are hosting a Grand Opening party on Thursday, Dec. 13. 

From 3:30 – 4:30 p.m., guests are invited to come and tour the new space at 798 E. Seventh Street and enjoy a happy hour afterwards. 

The restaurant has been a part of the East St. Paul community much longer than the 15 years it had a brick and mortar presence. Owner and chef Rosario Diaz opened the first location at 828 E. Seventh Street in 2003, but was selling pupusas out of her apartment window for years before that. 

Diaz, a Salvadorian immigrant, came to the U.S. after her husband was killed in the Salvadorian Civil War. She moved across the country from California to New Jersey, eventually landing in Minnesota. In each place, she shared her love of cooking by feeding friends, colleagues and people in her community the Salvadorian dish pupusas.

After years of selling pupusas out of her home, she and her son Luis Diaz-Paiz eventually opened the first Mañana Restaurant y Pupuseria. Soon, her other son Blamore came to join them as well. 

At the restaurant, Diaz cooks up traditional Salvadorian and Mexican, but the pupusas are always the star.  Each griddled masa cake is made to order, and filled with savory meats, bean, stringy mozzarella cheese and fresh vegetables. 

The new location, which opened this fall, is just half a block away from the old spot but has nearly three times the seating. Increasing from 33 seats to 81 – and introducing an outisde patio and bar, the new location will be one of Dayton Bluff’s largest restaurants.  

Serving around 1,000 customers weekly, it is sure to also continue its reputation as one of Dayton Bluff’s favorite restaurants.