Soul Bowl Returns With Caribbean Twist

Soul Bowl Caribe (1).png

Soul Bowl is back! And this time, it is popping up in a new place and with a new menu.  

For two nights this month, Chef Gerard Klass, and his wife Brittney, are bringing a Caribbean twist to their soul food start-up

As a nod to his late father, Chef Klass has incorporated flavors from two of his homes – South America and the Caribbean. Klass’ father was born in Guyana and moved to Jamaica in his early years to be a teacher. 

Using these two countries as inspiration, Klass combines the fast-casual dining style with slow-cooked flavors and relaxed island vibes.

As with previous installments, the dish starts with a base. This time, diners will have the choice between Bam-Bam coconut rice and peas, Shaggy yellow rice or the classic mac-and-cheese. 

The vegetable and meat fillings will include more Jamaican flavors, such as fried sweet plantains, jamming papaya-candied yams, Jr. Gong smoked jerk chicken, Kingston curry chicken and Steph Curry goat. Special additional items include buffalo soldier braised oxtail, Rasta jerk mushroom and curried cauliflower.  

For dessert, tropical twists are found with the passion fruit crème brulee, sweet plantain fosters – a play on Banana Fosters – and Piña Colada cake. 

Each night, the best of Reggae, Dancehall and Soca music will create the atmosphere at Breaking Bread Café. 

Soul Bowl Caribe will be open Saturday, July 7 and Saturday, July 21 from 5 – 9 p.m. at Breaking Bread Café in North Minneapolis. 

For more information, visit the Soul Bowl event page online.