Eat.Drink.Dish (EDD) is an award-winning influencer marketing platform founded and operated by local influencer, Golnaz Yamoutpour. 

Created in 2014, Eat.Drink.Dish was a vehicle to express the Foodie lifestyle by creating and curating content in a community-driven approach. Golnaz used her own lifestyle to drive inspiration and to create content that communicated universally while connecting people with similar interests. Today, the platform reaches nearly 500,000 people each month!

Recognition and Awards

2017 Zagat's Foodie Award

Minnesota Monthly


2017 City Page's Readers' Choice Best Instagram   

2016 City Page's Readers' Choice Best Instagram   

2015 City Page's Readers' Choice Best Instagram


Spoon University

“Food creates culture, culture creates food. All I want to do is share my foodie lifestyle with others and bring in another perspective to this lively foodie culture. If I can do that while helping local food businesses grow, why not!”
— Golnaz Yamoutpour, Owner/Founder