Exclusive Foodie Dinners is a unique dining experience that allows foodies to connect with Chefs in an intimate, fun, and relaxing environment. Photo Credit: Sarah Kaufman & Asha Belk

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Eat.Drink.Dish is an award-winning influencer marketing platform founded and operated by local Minnesota influencer, Golnaz Yamoutpour. The platform is designed to strategically support food businesses and brands thrive in the fast-paced, millennial-driven market. With a large influencer platform amongst multiple channels of over 50,000 engaged local followers, and 4 years of consistent driven content,  we are the partner that can reach out to your new followers . . . and eventually your new customers. 

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Live Events

Kemps was interested in sampling out their new line of frozen yogurt to millennials and wanted a creative and interactive way to debut the product. Since the brand is historically family-oriented, the challenge was to change the perspective of the brand and re-introduce it to a new generation. That is where we came in and developed a unique event combining a local brewery with a national dairy brand.



Caribou Coffee launched a nation-wide campaign for their 500+ new holiday drink options. Their focus was to attract millennials to their pop-up event at the Mall of America and to ask them to create their unique twist on the holiday drink. They used our influencer marketing platform to build awareness and reinforce their brand.



Our private ticketed dinners offer a unique way for Chefs to share their culinary passion to new, and engaged customers. We act as a partner to deliver event management, marketing, and sales to execute a successful event. We value customer feedback, and at each event the restaurant will receive instant reviews from the guests.                 

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