Lauren Cutshall - Editor

Hello! I'm the one curating our weekly e-newsletter Uncorked! and writing the ridiculous email subject lines. I'm a University of Minnesota grad, and work freelance in the Twin Cities as a journalist and photographer, among other things. You can usually find me taking photos of my coffee, cooking, baking, or looking for new restaurants to try. Mostly I write about the things I love— people, food, and coffee.

For me, a Foodie lifestyle is all about taking time to appreciate the effort and skill that is put into making good food. It’s both about finding the "simple but amazing" food and the most innovative of trends. It goes far beyond the what’s on the plate in front of us; rather it’s the thought behind the plate and the atmosphere surrounding it.

I Eat.Drink.Dish to find where food intersects innovation and to find the best of the classics. 

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @elcee93. Check out more photography here.